Full Sturgeon Moon


 Full Sturgeon Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Sturgeon Moon at 1* Pisces will culminate August 24, 2010 10:05 pdt/1:05pm edt (almanac). This moon is a powerful and spiritual occasion.  A gift, we don’t have aspects like this every day. A time to intercede logic and try to understand our deeper mind and motives. Where have we come from. What are we doing on earth. Why have we come into being. As a recollection we speculate we have been on a search starting long ago for soul recognition in the darkest regions of earth and space. Our subconscious mind knows where we come from but our conscious mind is wiped clean of pre-birth memories. As we study other’s past theories, we may come to conclusions and think we know. We may study our whole life to gain a well spring of belief and yet only reveal idealogies. In daily life we may have it figured out what we want on an intellectual and/or physical basis. But to research the soul’s agenda, it is hidden. We are here on earth stumbling around, trying to do our best or maybe our worst. How do we ignore our self, pamper our spirit or should we fill it with dogma. Are we lost, ever roaming the universe going from one reality to another. Lost is only a state of mind. The opportunity may be to open your mind and be present with the oneness of all. You have been given this individual journey, the wondrous sanctity of life. Recognize where your feet are this moment. Start thinking and doing what enhances your life instead of what breaks it. Make the connection between the cosmos, your soul and your breath.

Journal Questions:


Describe your personal theory on what is your soul. Is it matter? Try not to use anyone else’s preconceived concepts. Create your own story. Make it 5 sentences or more.

If you had a soul agenda, what would it be?

Would you be doing something differently than you are now?

Rate your Strengths 1 lowest-10 highest

  • Knowledgable
  • Likable
  • Lovable
  • Organized
  • Even tempered
  • Thoughtful
  • Congenial
  • Knows boundaries
  • Conscious
  • Understanding
  • Helpful
  • Supportive
  • Approachable
  • Unafraid
  • Brave
  • Adventurous
  • Enterprising
  • Honorable
  • Polite
  • Sympathetic
  • Professional
  • Qualified
  • Skillful
  • Accomplished
  • Gifted
  • Capable


Make a list of bad traits or habits in others?

Do you cast judgment or compassion?

What are your bad traits and habits?

What’s the remedy to change them. List each one and give yourself a quick fix. Can you be good to yourself?

In the process of creation, the union is sparked by feelings of love and chemistry. Remember to love yourself.

What do people like about you?

What do you like about yourself?

Have compassion for your soul’s journey. Gain courage, potency and wellness. You know your spirit is strong. Your mind and brain are strong. Your body is strong. So it is…………….

   “I have but shadowed forth my intense longing to lose myself in the Eternal and become merely a lump of clay in the Potter’s divine hands so that my service may become more certain because uninterrupted by the baser self in me.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

17* Leo New Moon

17* Leo  New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

17* Leo New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating August 10, 2010. This Leo New Moon is about taking action toward developing contentment with people, those encircling you and those you want surrounding you. Satisfaction should consist of people who support you and give emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. We learn our manners and behavior from society, peers and relatives. We are on constant renewal with our emotions, and sometimes we let them influence us for days or years. What is the behavior for creating meaningful exchange. There is depth of soul connection to everyday interactions with some people. Who has helped you and who has hindered you. Where have you allowed yourself to become passive or maybe aggressive. Are your communication skills at work for or against you. Life can be long and boring without connection. Examine what it is needed and how to acquire those desires. Where does one begin to create reciprocity.

Acknowledgement and interchange can work wonders. You don’t have to talk or do a lot, you can smile. Most others want their existence to be noted. And when we find those others personally significant, our lives can truly be enriched. Every day can be an analysis of love if you allow it. You should make it alright with yourself that who you love, is who”you love”. No matter what trials and tribulations you both go through.  Sadly there are people that make life difficult or unhappy, there are many circumstances throughout our lives that are beyond our control. You know what tests you’ve been through and how you have learned. Is it time to start revising unending discord. Much like a musical instrument that is untunable, sometimes it takes work but every instrument can brought back to harmony. Fate can’t always be changed overnight, but it can be adjusted over time. There are new ways to refigure competitive or combative behavior. Your test to outthink the dilemma, not embroil yourself in it. And we know how disappointed we will be if we don’t at least make an attempt and exert effort. Refresh your perspective on others around you. Restore or start friendships. Renew your love life.  Improve your relationships with your family members. Spark your creative drive. Open yourself for Love…

Journal Questions:

What kind of friends do you have? Do you want new friends? What are your old friends like? Are they supportive? Do you make friends easily? How could you make friends?

Do you have a lover or partner? Do you have a strong connection? What are the solid parts of the relationship? Are you experiencing weak connection and why? List what areas you or your partner need work.

Is your connection:

Write on each, in detail

  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

What makes a Friend or Lover

Write your views

  • Enthusiasm
  • Cooperation
  • Fair trade
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Availability
  • Appreciation
  • Confidante
  • Supporter
  • Consultant
  • Companion
  • Listener
  • Attraction

Make up a story of a make-believe friend. Have them fulfill all your expectations.

Make up a story of a make-believe Lover. Have them fulfill all of your expectations.

Is your life remotely similar to these inner desires? Why or why not?

List of Expectations:

Write in detail concerning your expectation with each point

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Social
  • School
  • Emotions
  • Reactions
  • Physical
  • Goals
  • Security
  • Money
  • Environment
  • Community
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Nation
  • World
  • Universe
  • God

How are you reacting with each area of expectation? Are you a family person?  Friend?  Career person? A Community Server?  World Person?  Where are you realistic and idealistic?

There is inner knowing what is right, what is wrong when dealing with others and general mankind. Trust is an ideal, Love is an ideal, Happiness is an ideal…we will still try over and over to reach them. It is important to not give up hope, to play the game. Life………You are Here.

“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island..to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.”

~ Baltasar Gracian (Spanish Philosopher and Writer, leading Spanish exponent of conceptism, 1601-1658)