Full Beaver Moon


Full Beaver Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Beaver Moon (Native American) at 6* Gemini will culminate November 28, 2012 6:46am PST/9:46am EST (Farmers Almanac). Annular Eclipse.

     Last year the Beaver moon fell on 11.11.11 — it was an occasion of stepping into the benefits of the world around you. A gateway of stimulus, and fortunate epoch of beneficence, insight and magnetism, it’s as though the heavens know when we need an extra dose of optimism and therefore decides it’s time to illuminate the dark states we often find ourselves in. This 2012 Beaver Moon is reminding us to communicate with each other. And since it’s also an Annular Eclipse, we will need to change or let go of something that has been holding us back, bringing something exciting or illuminating to us. We are to focus on exchanging functional and logical concepts. We are to reprogram our minds to be consistent and thoughtful.

Life can be a wonderful whimsical ride but there is a certain correlation we must have to keep us steady and maintain a momentum. When we direct our thoughts, speech and actions it can lead toward ability and learning, giving us satisfaction and expertise. We’d all like to lie in a field and watch the clouds go by, and there is nothing wrong with relaxing. But our lives call for a certain amount of routine and a conventional tone for creating quality and character. For some reason we can lose our way working or playing too hard and not knowing the cues to step into our most constructive nature. We can want something for ourselves, say something differently than what we wanted and/or ending up doing what we don’t want to do, basically, misrepresenting our own natural instincts. Where have we gotten immovable and un-centered, or set our minds in stone and caught off guard with situations. Aren’t we supposed to know better and become wiser as we grow up. We see many people lose their way more often than not.

We do know one thing, we don’t want to be considered aimless. Recognize your skills to become a specialist and not a generalist, clearly speak with honesty and integrity. Acknowledge love as a gift and not as game of manipulation. Accept our bodies to best serve our security and enrichment. For every stage of our growth can be quite a feat. And the more we make excuses and justifications for ourselves, the more time we elude our highest outcome. If we fathom what we want, or what we are naturally inclined toward and really try to understand what our motivation or lack of it means, maybe we can learn to understand. This eclipse is giving you a chance to change, especially if you’ve been stuck in a boring routine. We mark an intention upon the people, places and things we want on the planet. Until we value our own expectations, ‘only then’ we can hope that others understand us. ‘Only then’ can we help others in the right way. We expect the universe to comprehend. How do we actually remedy this, is it our behavior and outlook, what can we do to adjust toward the right direction and not go down the wrong road. The mind should be… the words should be…the goals should be genuine.


Journal Questions:

I want you to make a list for Santa and ask for anything you wish for, ANYTHING. Ask for those fanciful wishes of unrealistic expectation.

Then make a realistic list

How do you feel about your items or wishes on your ‘unrealistic’ list

How do you feel about your items on your ‘realistic’ list

Compare the 2 lists – what is doable in the future

  • why

what is pure fantasy in your mind

  • why

What is realistic

  • why

What is unrealistic

  • why

What brings your heart joy

  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Intellectually
  • Materially
  • Physically

We can be clearing our thought process and begin to communicate openly. We all know people who say one thing yet don’t practice what they preach. We have a conscience. When seeking love, we begin by opening our hearts with trust. To have friends, we practice unconditionally loving others and make nice gestures and effort. To gain wisdom is to act accordingly. To be respected we need only to act respectable and be conscious of other’s feelings. Not everyone will react the way we want them to, but that doesn’t matter, as processing your higher self is about you, not about them. Whatever door closes, another opens… As the holidays are upon us, make your resolution to be kind to yourself. To speak warmly of yourself, move into grace for beautiful moments.

“One always dies too soon – or too late. And yet one’s whole life is complete at that moment, with a line drawn neatly under it, ready for the summing up. You are – your life, and nothing else.”~Jean-Paul Sartre


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Standing Before
The Moon Ritual

Meditation & Sleep Programming

Although you would ideally do this meditation outTrack beneath the full moon, you can also experience it by imagining the moon and four directions as you are surrounded with magical energy … a rainbow of light. In the Goddess’ name, you open to the light. You can actually stand up and raise your palms to the sky or imagine this process of being energized and rejuvenated. Facing North you ask for solutions to your problems and experience many blessings. Facing East you seek solutions and prosperity while trusting yourself to make the right choices. Following many blessings, you turn to the South and ask for increased self-esteem and harmonious relationships with the people in your life. After the blessings, you turn to the West to face your destiny and ultimate potentials. Open your mind and release your courage. The ritual ends with the moon as your guiding light on the shadowed path. It illuminates your dreams as you walk steadfast and proceed on your earthly journey with an open heart. Track 2: A beautiful sleep programming version of the ritual. Listen as your cross over into sleep and explore the four directions into your dreams.

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Druid Blessing

The great Druids bless you, as you stand on sacred land
alchemy, shall you possess
you will be guarded by the great wizards, druids, witches of the earth and sky
you are in the center of the great circle
feel the conjuring, the magic, the divinity
the ultimate god light and power
you are in Glory
~Tara Sutphen

Past Lives: healing for this life


Past Lives: healing for this life. By Diane Harvey White


Past Lives: healing for this life. I hadn’t even thought about whether we might not be able

to have children when my husband and I met. It didn’t occur to me that we would have to plan how to

manage intense personal loss and at the same time continue to try for another child. The only thing

I did know was that my husband was a man who desperately needed children and I would do whatever

I could to provide him with a family. So after three miscarriages I started to ask questions and to really want

to understand what was happening. It started a journey of discovery that has continued to this day,

giving me insight into my marriage, my relationships with my wider family group and into my own

growth as a soul.


It had always bothered me, the size of my husband’s head. I’d asked the midwife if she thought this

was going to be a problem and she had looked at me as if I was mad. We were at cross purposes – I

really didn’t want to have a Caesarian section and she couldn’t imagine why I would have a problem

with it. And then when I lost the baby, I became convinced that the size of my husband’s head was

indeed something I was going to have problems with.


The second miscarriage, I started to feel as if I was failing at something really basic. Human

biology was supposed to come naturally and I started to feel deeply frustrated by all the mothers

who became pregnant ‘by accident’. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I do something as

simple as carrying a child? Obviously my husband and I talked about our grief, but in my head this

was something I was doing for him and I was failing.


The third time we conceived, we really thought it was all going to be fine. I got as far as eleven

weeks and six days – surely out of the woods – and ended up in hospital. The foetus had stopped

developing four weeks earlier. I had been blissfully ignorant and had somehow managed to stop the

little group of cells that would have been our child from exiting my body until the last possible

moment. Stunned with disbelief, I knew I had to do something to make sense of what was

happening to my body and to us as a couple. I stopped work, went back to dance class, had

reflexology treatments, but what haunted me was the sense that I had somehow been in this

situation before. I couldn’t let go of the fact that it seemed familiar, that we had endured the same

grief at some other time.


Was it possible for trauma to ‘overlay’ itself from one life time to another? Could I really be

suffering these miscarriages because of a long held belief stored deep in my subconscious? I knew I

needed to find out because it was obvious that simply having physical treatment at this point wasn’t

enough. My doctor had already told me that after six miscarriages, I would be straight onto the IVF

programme, which was something I really didn’t want to do, if I could help it. I knew this was

something I was causing and I didn’t think that filling my body full of hormones was going to be

any more successful without me first having ‘done the work’. I began to meditate more and even did

a series of rebirthing sessions, but still I didn’t feel I was accessing the heart of the problem. So, past

life regression was the therapy I started to focus on.


Tara Sutphen had held a number of workshops at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals in London

and I had been a regular participant, so I already knew something about my soul’s journey. I loved

the knowledge that regression therapy gave me, understanding the dynamics of relationships with

other family members and then being able to see why the issues continued to be repeated from one

life time to the next. I knew that as individuals we had different lessons to learn and that shared

experiences would have a different impact on either participant, but mostly I loved the warmth of

having seen another aspect of my soul unfold in the same way that my life was unfolding, for the

benefit of my soul, getting me closer to pure energy. It was the sense that I was part of a team – my

soul team – that I wanted to tap in on.


Because patience was not my strong suit in those days, I decided I needed to do this regression

NOW. I couldn’t wait another day. I was going to sit down and do it myself. In the early days of

exploring my spirituality, I attended classes with Blair Styra in New Zealand. He channels a

wonderful and wise entity called Tabaash and it was his energy I felt with me as I sat at my dining

room table that day.


With the warmth of his presence at my back the whole time, I saw a life I had never known, but

which spoke volumes about the relationship I had with my current husband. Suddenly I could see

how the dynamics between us had been formed, me with the creative arts and he with the

institutions of government. The two were unlikely bed-fellows, just as we appeared to be, but as I

watched our history play out across the Russian landscape of the late eighteenth century, I felt the

calm that comes from an experience that resonates with the truth. This was the heart of the matter.

This was the experience I felt haunted by and yes, the husband of that lifetime was also of large

physical stature – with a large head. No wonder I had fixated on that detail.


I asked to see the issue that was blocking me, I knew it hadn’t ended well and the beloveds, the

collective unconscious assembled to help Tabaash with the energy levels that would allow me to

access this trauma, were suddenly very vocal. They felt I wouldn’t cope, that it would be too much

for me to see, that I wasn’t ready. It’s quite something listening to an argument of disembodied

entities when you’re in a deep meditative state, but Tabaash insisted I would be fine, that I was

ready and that this was important to my progression.


I saw a wood paneled, dimly lit room and a woman, wild eyed and in the pain of advanced

childbirth, writhing in agony, unable to find comfort on the tangled sheets of the bed. Beside her a

worried looking nurse. Across the room was the tormented husband, this his second wife to die in

childbirth. I focussed again on the woman who screamed, ‘I should have stayed chaste, I should

have stayed chaste. I asked what the significance of this was and was told ‘Same husband, big head.

Slowly I cameback to the present, giving heartfelt thanks to the beloveds for their help and guidance

in this experience. I sat there stunned and comforted by what I had seen. It made sense,

I could understand why my body was reluctant to hold onto a pregnancy, but here I was now in an

era where medical science was able reverse my experiences from the past and I actually had to convince

myself that this was possible. It seemed that for me a stored memory was inhibiting my growth and

I puzzled over this.


How was I to get my body to understand that it was ok to trust in nature this time? I knew

intellectually that I could survive the experience of childbirth but integrating that knowledge into

my subconscious took a little longer. I had two more miscarriages and with meditation and

visualizations, simply held onto the belief that I would be able to carry a child to term. And then

finally, finally I got past the twelve week mark.


Fourteen years on, I have a six foot son and a daughter who is two years younger. They are happy,

intelligent children who thirst for knowledge and live a fast paced Twenty-first century life. But

when I look at them, I am reminded that some processes take time, can’t be hurried and are

controlled by forces outside of our understanding. Some experiences need to be assimilated to be

understood, much like teenagers themselves. Maybe my experiences with childbirth were to help

me reflect and understand the journey, to give me an insight into the processes my children would

eventually need help with? If I had gotten everything I wanted without having to grow in the

process, would I have been as able to nurture my children in the instinctive manner I’ve become

accustomed to? Perhaps not and looking back I now think that for me, motherhood was about the

whole package. We wouldn’t be who we are if I’d been different.




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Chris Spheeris Seminar

Chris Spheeris – Seminar – November 8-11,2012 Sedona

“Being Present: A State of Grace”

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

November 8-11, 2012

Sedona, Arizona


Most people know me through my music, but it’s really more through  fate that I ended up in music.  I enjoy writing, composing, making pottery and photography just as much as i enjoy home remodeling, cooking or gardening – basically,
anything in which I feel completely present.

When reflecting over the years on my gifts, my relationships and my abundant blessings, I’ve realized there is a common thread that has allowed me to flourish, to be happy, to be useful, and to have abundant love and gratitude – being present, or what I like to call my “State of Grace”.  I’ve developed a 4-day immersion retreat, in which I will guide you in a fun, safe and supportive environment to move beyond your status quo and to your best- YOUR  “State of Grace”. ”

 Are YOU present? Do you WANT to be?
How much energy do you expend in conflict with YOURSELF, with THE WORLD, or with OTHERS? What percentage of your day do you feel FULLY ENGAGED? 

We are in exciting territory in this workshop. We are exploring, experiencing and anchoring the STATE OF PRESENCE as it delivers GRACE. In the course of this 4-day reality intensive, you will have many opportunities to forgive the past and tap into your own Essence- your own creative potential and natural Life Force. We will question, explore and expand infinitely the notion of “who we are”.

This workshop is not for those of you who are attached to your “story”- you know, that massive old book you carry around which contains your past and tries to convince you it’s who you are. It’s for YOU courageous ones who refuse to accept mediocrity and who aren’t afraid to create “amazing”
out of each and every day.

I evoke people in a unique way in my workshops. I combine a sharing of insight, creative, physical and emotional exercises, with performances of my original inspirational spoken word meditations and poems- all geared to reinforce our endless expansive identity and state of presence. I have been a creative channel all of my life. I create every day and have not experienced creative blocks in as long as i can remember. I have also, somewhat recently, reached an unprecedented state of “humility, gratitude and amazement” that i had always longed for. This is what i want to share with you!!

I have been blessed with the gift of inspiring people and this is where my passion lies. My deepest intention is to share with YOU and impart to YOU what i have learned, what i have un-learned, and what i have healed in order to reach a place where i love my life, create in joy constantly, feel more open-hearted and abundant than ever and am no longer in conflict with myself. More and more every day i feel the presence of Grace in my life. This is available to all of us. In fact, it is our natural state.

What I ask of each participant is that you are willing to trust- trust me, trust yourself, trust the group, trust the process, and for God’s sake trust the Universe. And i also ask that you are willing to allow- allow the unrehearsed, allow the unexpected, allow your innocence.  If you are willing, you will walk out the door in which you entered forever changed. Guaranteed!

you can  find more on these seminars on facebook at the following link:




Our first day deals with “orientation” in more than one sense. When we first arrive, we will all become acquainted and I will shoot everyone’s portrait. I will then speak, laying out the purpose, intent and method of the workshop. I will talk on topics such as identity, putting the mind in perspective, our true Self, creativity, flow, presence, and many of the themes that will weave in and out of the four-day workshop. We will have an extended lunch break during which I will encourage everyone to go back to their rooms, remove all makeup and jewelry and return for the afternoon wearing a plain black or white T-shirt on top. (The implications of this should be fairly obvious.) The afternoon session will begin with movement–the freeing of the body and the metaphor of the “dance”. The second segment of the afternoon will be on “Music and the Art of Listening”. At the end of each day I will offer concluding remarks and at open the floor to questions and comments from the group.


Each of the next 3 days will begin with 30 minutes of stretch and movement followed by Q&A. This morning I will speak on “writing and thinking out loud”. Topics will include escaping the maze of the mind, writing as expression and healing, watching thoughts, and much more. I will then offer a meditation “I Am Not My Mind” after which we will do writing exercises both indoors and outdoors. In the afternoon, we’ll explore judgment and forgiveness. I will conduct a very powerful meditation on forgiveness followed by healing writing exercises and journaling writing exercises. We will then be treated to a highly inspirational feature film TBA.


This morning we will delve deeper into the notion of identity. After I speak on elements of integrating the personal and impersonal worlds, we will do some rather intense mirror work and self-examination. After lunch, I will offer a talk on “Photography and the Art of Seeing” which explores the notion of “pictures of reality”, how we frame reality and how the “pictures” we create are our “divine reflections” and indications of how we “see” the world. I will also speak about where we give our attention as being a very strong indicator of who we are in any moment. After the lecture, we will all go out together into the wonderlands of Sedona for a leisurely hike and photo shoot.


The essence of this workshop can be distilled into three words: trust, release, and surrender. The essence of being present is to trust the Universe that constantly flows through us, to release judgments and preconceived notions, and surrender to the unlimited life force that constantly flows through us. After I speak on these topics we will put on blindfolds and explore our inner worlds and our abilities to trust and surrender. We will take a long lunch break in which I will ask participants to return in full expression, “dressed for life” and ready to be “seen”. I will take a second set of portraits of everyone I will then review the four days with a concluding lecture (to be created in the course of the workshop) and I will offer a performance of my original spoken word and music. Finally, we will all share our experiences of the four days and I will present materials and reminders of “what we take HOME with us”.

I feel so strongly about this work that i guarantee that  for any reason at the conclusion of the workshop, you are not feeling satisfied with the gains you have acquired, I will return 100% of your tuition to you.



Below is a way to pay conveniently using Paypal. You can use your credit card with paypal without a membership.  FOR A $25 DISCOUNT ON YOUR FULL PAYMENT, YOU CAN PAY BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER. To book, for questions, billing options, or for additional information, please email: inspiration@chrisspheeris.com

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All activities except for hike will be at Studio Live Sedona. All supplies will be provided except for digital cameras. All activities are handicap-friendly and facilities handicap-equipped. This itinerary is subject to change, but it will only get better.


“The best week of my life! This 5-day workshop changed so many of my life patterns. I have taken MANY seminars/workshops but none have gone so deep and added so much to my world!”

“I have been listening to your music and creativity cds every day as I’ve been using all of my free time to create music of my own! As I’ve mentioned before, that workshop set me on a compositional fire that I don’t believe will ever go out.”

“Your love, wisdom, compassion and teaching me/us the ways of inspiration and life as a whole, has strengthened me, as it has the the rest.”

“My heart has been cracked wide open. A life altering five days for me. I feel as if my 5 senses have been reborn and my eyes have been cleaned to see the brilliance even more clearly.”

“An ‘E-Ride’ at Disneyland to say the least. Exhilarating, fun, festive and adventurous. I should have been doing all my life what I learned, absorbed and am digesting from this week.”

“Expansive, insightful, inspirational and more! Beyond -beyond! It felt like a safety net for expression, releasing, being engaged in the moment, and immersed in various art forms- with fun hands-on opportunities! It was real, honest, a caring, warm, and loving space to be involved in and a part of!”

“In my wildest imagination, I could not ever have imagined the profound effect I am still feeling. It isn’t anything I’ve ever felt before. I suddenly feel like my Heart has been cracked WIDE open allowing more Life and LOVE and Beauty in than I’ve ever experienced before.”

“This was pure LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!



That’s me. I have had a wonderful, dream career in the music business for decades. Through this, I have sampled fame, wealth, and success. Far more rewarding than any of these is the inspiration I feel on a daily basis: the wonder and amazement, the joy and amusement, the fun and adventure of being alive. I have been told that i possess a gift of inspiring people with my work and the energy that i carry. It’s a gift available to all of us and the nature of this gift is that it’s contagious and meant to be shared. I now am on fire with a passion for sharing this gift. That’s what these experiences are all about. Since the first 5-day in sedona in May of 2011, i am experiencing significant acceleration in my own creativity, manifestation, peace of mind, confidence, and means of imparting information on all of this.

MAYA – Its really that simple


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