Full Buck Moon

Full Buck Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Buck Moon (Native American) at 24* Capricorn will culminate, July 16, 2019 2:38pm PDT/5:38pm EDT (Farmers Almanac). There will be a Lunar Eclipse with this full moon. When we have an eclipse, it’s time to change or let go of something holding us back. It brings something exciting or illuminating to each of us. 

This Full Buck Moon is about coming back constructively into your personal relationships. Knowing how to use your skills in getting along with others and bringing not only the best in them but the finest in you. What constitutes good associations is how you use your manners to establish a progression of goodwill. For some reason many people cannot sustain consistency. 

 Knowing how to join forces with friends, co-workers, family, using skills and tools to help yourself and others achieve yours and their next steps or goals. It’s can be a career move or a personal one, as the more people you can positively influence the better. Thinking good thoughts can be the first step to rebalancing your personal power, but moving your body in a proactive considerate way is far more beneficial.

Here are some tips to get into a better state of mind and to go forward with the life you’d like to create. 

  1. See yourself – Introspectively discern yourself, the pathway to becoming a stable mind starts with who you are and the clarity you possess about yourself. 
  2. Are you realistic – You can have goals, even hard to achieve goals but it helps to have a realistic view of how it will happen to get to the goal
  3. Are you over-emotional – How do you react to others. Are you listening, are you sympathetic, are you unconditional 
  4. Are you angry – Do you take out your aggression wherever you can. Do you have misdirected rage
  5. Are you responsible – Do you have the energy to achieve the life you want, or are you self-sabotaging  
  6. What are the strengths or weakness in your character –  Are they fixable flaws, how can you fix them
  7. Be polite and respectful – Basically treat others how you want to be treated. Have integrity, you’ll notice that people will look up to you when you retain this quality 

Set good aspirations and you’ll meet like minded people. When you are uplifted by life, people around you catch your exuberance and vibrancy. Embracing your life full of opportunities is what it’s all about, learn to love unconditionally. Real moments and amazing experiences are always waiting for us. It is our destiny to be fulfilled by the bounty and blessings of the earth.  

Journal Questions:

Who do you get along with:

  • About yourself
  • Or others
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work arena
  • Neighborhood
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • World

Are you seen as Contructive or Destructive?

  • House
  • Love
  • Family
  • Parents
  • Mate
  • Children

Where do you build your life:

  • Love
  • Career
  • Job
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Happiness
  • Exercise

How can you be more connected in your personal life or work life: List 3 things if not 3 sentences

  • Love
  • Career
  • Job
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Happiness
  • Exercise

 Your Aspirations:

  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Intellectually
  • Materially
  • Physically

___ Getting along with others is in direct proportion of making an effort. We are on our own individual journey and may not see eye to eye with almost anyone. We harness success by staying in a neutral zone. Such as, you can disagree without being disagreeable, you can have your own opinion without having to squelch someone else’s ideas, and you can work side by side with ease and good fellowship. The world is made up of  unique individuals, we either see them as vibrant unconditional love or chaotic.  

You are born with a set of skills and tools to serve mankind as your purpose. You are given the chance to use the simplest of communication and progressive energy to flow forward in goodwill. We will continue to wrestle with our lovability and success, but make it easier on yourself and create good solutions for you. Know disorderly signs enter your life, it’s the indication to change toward our highest potential. 

—— “Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is the a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me; but I am the fire.  ~Jorge Luis Borges – Author

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Another Door Opens

To have friends, we practice unconditionally loving others and make nice gestures and effort. To gain wisdom is to act accordingly. To be respected we need only to act respectable and be conscious of other’s feelings. Not everyone will react the way we want them to, but that doesn’t matter, as processing your higher self is about you, not about them. Whatever door closes, another opens ~Tara Sutphen #tarasutphen #tarainsightdotcom #friends #love #wisdom #respect #you #progress #daisy #unconditionallove #effort #practicemakesperfect

New Moon 10* Cancer & Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse will only be visible through the South Pacific and it will be intense. Eclipses are about change or letting go, it can be to bring something exciting or illuminating into your life. This Cancer New Moon is about your emotions and finding balance in your home life. It could bring a good someone or something back. We will find what we have lost.

How might we use the eclipse to change our personal world to the one we really want to be in. By using your instincts to center yourself, balance your needs, and to recognize where you belong. When your instincts are in a quandary, you might find yourself irrational and irritable. Let us come back to solid ground. Your life starts at home — your wellness starts from the home, your beauty starts from the home, your success starts from the home. And your spirituality starts from the home. This is why it’s important to create a sanctuary and wholesome life. What you walk out your door with every day is “structure” to get you to your next level of wellness, happiness, success, and love.  Inner formation of strength and vitality renews your spirit to conquer an outer world. ~Tara Sutphen #tarasutphen #tarainsightdotcom #newmoon #solareclipse #eclipse

Creating Quality & Character

We’d all like to lie in a field and watch the clouds go by, and there is nothing wrong with relaxing. But our lives call for a certain amount of routine and a conventional tone for creating quality and character. For some reason we can lose our way working or playing too hard and not knowing the cues to step into our most constructive nature. We can want something for ourselves, say something differently than what we wanted and/or ending up doing what we don’t want to do, basically, misrepresenting our own natural instincts. Where have we gotten immovable and un-centered, or set our minds in stone and caught off guard with situations. Aren’t we supposed to know better and become wiser as we grow up. We see many people lose their way more often than not.

We do know one thing, we don’t want to be considered aimless. Recognize your skills to become a specialist and not a generalist, clearly speak with honesty and integrity. Acknowledge love as a gift and not as game of manipulation. Accept our bodies to best serve our security and enrichment. For every stage of our growth can be quite a feat. And the more we make excuses and justifications for ourselves, the more time we elude our highest outcome. If we fathom what we want, or what we are naturally inclined toward and really try to understand what our motivation or lack of it means, maybe we can learn to understand. #tarasutphen @tara_insight

Transformation with Tara

Title: Black Moon Astrology Cards

Transformation with Tara 9am pacific/noon eastern

Tara Sutphen will interview Susan Sheppard – paranormal investigator, researcher and experiencer. Her West Virginia childhood was marked by a wide range of unusual experiences such as growing up near one of the first Mothman sightings, encounters with the Men in Black, sensing spirits (as well as other manifestations of the mysterious and the unknown) at an early age. Her grandmother was a psychic medium and her favorite aunt a practicing spiritualist who taught her the art of the seance and other spiritual traditions.

Susan has worked as a medium, a self-taught astrologer, is an artist-poet and storyteller. Her areas of expertise are ghosts and hauntings, fairies and fairy lore, astrology, psychic dimensions, cryptozoology, Indrid Cold, Men in Black, Mothman, and Appalachian folklore. She is the author of several books and oracle decks such as the Phoenix Cards and most recently the Black Moon Astrology Cards were brought out by Blue Angel Publishing. She is also the creator and main storyteller for the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours in her hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Come join us www.ctrnetwork.com #transformationwithtara #ctrnetwork #susanasheppard #radio #iheartradio #sportify #paranormal #mothman #psychic #medium #astrology

Communication with Deceased Loved Ones

Communication with Deceased Loved Ones 

By Tara Sutphen

“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.”—Emily Dickinson

We all have a heart, and attached to all its implications. You may just love, and unexplainably be devoted to a person, making an endearing emotion simple without judgements. Love is not just a gift, its an expansion. It’s something we take into our heart, mind and soul. Emotions are not rational, we don’t know why we have an affinity with some people and in some cases specific people can be our whole world..

After death your loved one wants to talk to you. It’s hard to keep in touch with someone leaving this world for the next. It’s much easier for them to see and hear you then the other way around.  but we must try, if not for us, for them. 

When we are born, there is a bond between parents and babies, among siblings, students, friends, co-workers and revelers. This affiliation however slight, has meaning for us. We are shaped by the understanding of others. We don’t know where we come from, but we all know we will go there again. Through our spiritual connection there is a pre-birth place, somewhere beyond the stars. 

We have a strange amnesia about love. We can have expectations along with sordid emotions. Not everyone loves the same. When our mindset allows us to just “be”, we come into unconditional attachment. Everyone has their journey, and it doesn’t always coincide with ours. Sometimes we think we’re not linked to the people around us while we’re alive. We can feel lonely or torn by the personalities of others. Mistakes can be made even if you love someone. You may not necessarily like what they do or which path they have taken. The more we practice having a broader view of those we care about, the easier our emotions will be to reconcile.

 After all we want the very best for our loved ones. You may feel you have lost what you once had. We want to stay connected to those who enrich our feelings. We want to keep them close. Love is a state of being and not always conditional. It’s best to let go of what we feel is uncontrollable. Knowing there is another existence somewhere else, how can we keep in touch? Just look at how much we’re spending on smartphones, approximately $355 Billion. It’s evident how much humans devote to communicating with each other. We need contact, and try our best to stay connected.

When I had my NDE’s (near death experiences) as a child, I realized my consciousness went with me. I knew exactly who I was and what had happened. As I was talking to these two angelic women, I knew I would experience pain of the body if I went back. I asked them if I could go on to the bright light, but they said “no, I would have to go back because I had a life to live on earth”. They told me of many things that I could expect in my future, especially the love of my children and how important my work would be. As I turned around, I reconnected to the world knowing it is filled with curious things. Because of these experiences, I have inner-knowledge of a pathway to the other side and speaking to the ones we’ve lost.

What I’ve Observed: 

When a loved one crosses, they want to say goodbye. 

When a person crosses over, first you will a visitation dream. They want to say goodbye. They can come to you many times in their new state of being, it’s important to know they are trying to talk to you. If you can stay away from sleeping pills, anti-depressants or too much caffeine you have to stay aware even in your sleep. Write down what happens upon awakening. 

How to Observe: 

Be open to what you’re about to receive. It could be a smile, a hug or a kiss. They may tell you what they most love about you and how much you mean to them. They may have apologies, share their own regrets, or simply say a formal goodbye. When coming through the veil, you may experience seeing them bathed in a beautiful bright light. It may feel like a dream.

You can ask in a prayer for your guardian angel and sentinels to help connect you with your loved one. Have a journal open by the side of the bed. Include a short note to your loved one.

Ways your Loved one will try to communicate:

  • Apparition
  • Dream Visiting
  • Lucid Dreams 
  • Electrical fluctuations 
  • Objects move
  • Money, Feather’s or objects at your feet or where you walk 
  • Feeling their presence strongly
  • Smelling them or familiar smells
  • Hear their voice
  • See them out of your periphery vision
  • See people who look like them
  • Shamanic signs (Animals, Birds, trees, flowers, the wind, clouds)
  • Messages (song lyrics, quotes, or they’re words suddenly come to mind)
  • Day Dream Visions 
  • Manifestation

Love is a sentiment we all carry with our consciousness. Love is Eternal. Remember… the Power of Love.

*Sentinels – sentient beings of pure consciousness 

*NDE – near death experiences

*Lucid Dreaming