Full Pink Moon

Full Pink Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Pink Moon at 8* Scorpio will culminate April 28, 2010 6:48 pdt/9:48am edt (almanac). The time of thinking deeply, examining changes you want in your emotional and mental framework. Look at the facts about yourself. Are you lacking self esteem and where does this distinguish or peculiarize you. We symbolize and personalize ourselves with our culture, creed, religion and eras. We can feel lost until we develop goals, ideals and intention. Where are your values and are they being recognized at this time. Values are morals and sense of honor, are you in conscious contact with your beliefs and standards. You can wonder ‘Am I living up to who I want to be’. ‘Am I being true to myself in love’, ‘Am I clear on who I like, what I like and why I like it’. What are the real truths deep within. Are you numbed by disappointments, drama or trauma. Do you spout statements or go over in your mind how angry you are, how your family makes you unhappy, how you have no friends, or your friends aren’t real friends, or your job is going to kill you one day. Do you slip from real thoughts and emotional reasoning to frustration over others. Many people turn away without reasons why from each other, instead of keeping their feelings at an even keel. I see many unreasonable upsets started because there are no questions asked, no feelings explored, and no resolutions encountered. No communication or connection. Ignore your needs and you may be able to sustain your life for five minutes, five years, or 50 years but we do eventually have to come back to ourselves and if we’re lucky we answer to a few beloved others. You may feel like others blocked your life. Do you think it’s other people who hurt or inhibit you, or is it you who puts yourself in a position to fail or to grow.
This moon aspect is all about digging for your trouble spots and taking them out for a little examination. Those personality traits that you abhor in others and could be afraid are within your character as well, I know we would like to think it isn’t so. You don’t want to be like someone you resent. Search and clear up any history and issues. If you ask someone what your weakness is…many could write you a long list. They might not tell you to your face, but we all know that people judge us for our strengths and weakness’. We shouldn’t really care about someone else’s opinion unless it genuinely helps us achieve greater things in ourselves. You may have a few bad habits though needing to be discarded. Why do you hold onto restrictions. Are you afraid of change, or are you changing too rapidly in your life and can’t stabilize. Mental illness and stress can start as bad habits. Think of others and their complaints or fear. Fear of love, being hurt in love, not being good enough, not being strong enough, body image, job image, self confidence issues, unhappiness, the list can be long. And at this moon we will look at the uglies we need to reform, as we know what strengths we seek. Passion, Pleasure and Personal Power are our goals. How are we going to learn to love, to the depths of the universe. How are we going to learn to succeed, to the highest plateau of the earth. How are we going to learn to be wise and overcome all obstacles, we stretch until we get it right.
Journal Questions:
Give yourself permission to write out unsavory characteristics about yourself. You don’t have to share them with anyone. It is up to you to make yourself aware of what you may need to change? Think of ways to change gracefully. What do you perceive as your ‘uglies’? Bad temper, rotten self image, putting down others, unhappy, ungracious, condescending, cunning, manipulating, under handed, jealous, greedy, bitter, unreasonable, procrastinate, offensive, obnoxious, unpleasant, hopeless, full of excuses, can’t, won’t, afraid…Are these a part of self-esteem issues? Write out where you lost your confidence? Write out who contributed to your dis-ease? Where did these people hurt you, how did it help you grow? Why did you hold onto the bitterness? Did they hold onto the bitterness too? What would happen if you let your mind go free? What would happen if you allowed yourself to care about yourself again. Caring about your well-being and happiness? That you can form another habit of thinking you deserve a great life. That to create a good life, you must recognize what doesn’t work for you and what certainly might work, if given a chance to step toward success, happiness, great health or love. It may not happen overnight, it could be a process. Allowing the process to move forward, changing your viewpoints and fears. Where is your money right now? Where is your love right now? Where is your health right now? Where is your spirituality right now? Where is your mental health right now? Where is your living arrangements right now? What’s the view point on each? And how can these change for the better? Move out of your ‘uglies’ to be minor disturbances and pretty soon they will disappear. And your road will be one of creating life on your terms. Changes will only be growth spurts.

24* Aries New Moon

24* Aries New Moon

By Tara Sutphen
24* Aries New Moon this month (no moon – the time of dreaming), culminating April 14, 2010. The Aries new moon is about activity. Are you dashing about or do you have a game plan. Are you making money, nurturing yourself, taking care of your health. Where is your stress level. Are you just staying glued enough not to fall apart. What’s wrong w. that picture. What do you need to change so that your life goes into a groove again. That your life is the life you dream it to be. You think you’ve wanted this and it’s become what you envisioned but the responsibilities, the duties, the drama can be too much. Allow yourself to think of conclusions, if I attempt this – what will happen, what is the outcome. This is a time when you want to make some fast hard changes, make sure to be realistic so that your path will be comfortable and viable. Does your competitive streak get you to your goals but then there is nothing to show for the life you really want. Time to be competitive with yourself again in the right way and get what you want this time. Life is to be lived and waiting for YOU………..

Journal Questions:
Do you take time for yourself? Hot baths? Vitamin shopping? Eating Healthy plans? Where do you cut corners? Where do you stay within your means in your job, with your family, friends…..do you down size or cut time and yet stress about civilization. Society will not save you….only you can save you. Society gives you opportunities for you to help yourself. And it’s by taking small steps to the life you want. Lets write out 20 steps that you can do to start active change. Is it time to get back into your personal power…whether you know what that is or not anymore. Managing to become sincere with yourself and those around you. The meaning of sincere is genuine, guileless, honest, natural, and open.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Two Tara’s in Chinatown

Two Tara’s in Chinatown
By Tara Sutphen

I set off on an adventure today with Tara Marino, Elegant Fem Specialist. We went down to Chinatown in Los Angeles. I hadn’t been there for years. I had tinges of nostalgia, and it made me miss venturing out more. I forget how wonderful it is to explore all the ‘cubby holes’ this city has to offer. Tara M has been my client for awhile now, gifted to me by Extraordinary Ellie Drake of Braveheart Women. Tara is elegant herself and soulful. I know we are going to enjoy the day.

We glide into Los Angeles as though I drive it often. And we find a wonderful parking lot near all the shops. Off we go, to find a place recommended by Dr Lisa Wong. Excitedly we head to the back counter of a big grocery store only to find the Herbal Expert only sees people on Wednesday’s and Saturdays. Today is Thursday. I decide to be forward and ask if they recommend anyone. They say ‘come back Saturday’. I look at Tara and whisper “Remember…we walk in magic”. We head out of the store, both of us a little disappointed. All the colors and sounds feel like we are in a foreign land. I decide to ask sales clerks in stores where there is an Herbal Specialist. And Mike in a Men’s suit shop gives us the whole lay of the land. Prices, places, recommendations, food – the only thing I didn’t ask him was finding psychic readers…. Maybe…. that will be next time.

We venture into the new recommended Herb shop and ask if we can have our pulses read and tongue’s examined. A woman tells us to wait and she’ll be right back. Tara motions to the wooden drawers and points to the sign. Reminding me that I mentioned all sorts of details in her psychic reading. I was telling her she needed to try some Chinese remedies. That is what started the seedling of an idea to gravitate toward Chinatown. We discuss how happy we are as Tara pours us hot green tea from the guest waiting table.

Soon an older gentleman appears, and spends 30 minutes talking with each of us, he writes in beautiful hieroglyphs across the page. The writing is a work of art, as he scripts helpful antidotes for our aches and complaints.

He leaves his desk and begins measuring out this and that. Taking time to weigh everything carefully and thoughtfully. Tara mentions that it’s ‘excellence in graceful motion’. He adds the herbs to butcher paper, it begins to look like a package of potpourri. It doesn’t smell so good though as the wafting blend fills our nostrils. And it takes several repetitive tries to get the difficult cooking instructions in our brain-order.

A woman shopping in the store comes over and says she’s been seeing the herb guy for 15 years and speaks of different techniques and practices in the area.  Tara and I tell her how pleased we are with our own personal tea blends. The whole process including the tea pot has cost each of us $25.00 and $30.00.

We are enjoying the streets and shops, when all of a sudden some guy gooses me in the buns while walking by. I jump with shocked surprise. Undaunted, it’s time to search for fantastic food and we’re not disappointed, (oh so yummy). On the way to the car we pass a bakery and cannot resist the temptation to enter. We see lotus cakes and we both purchase some. I have yet to try it. I’m thinking I might need to do a little ritual with this cake, that’s made from the seeds of the flower of enlightenment. Create a special little ceremony with my tonic tea, eating a magic donut to help wash down the curing elixir. I’ll let you know how good it tasted.

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Ten Chain Co, Broadway, Los Angeles Chinatown

April 8, 2010
The Tea
Okay, I’ve consumed three cups of tea. I know you’re not feeling ‘pity’ for me, but you would if you were drinking it too. Tomorrow evening is my last tea, the fourth cup. The first night getting the tea down was rough, at the end it felt like a feat, as though I’d been rewarded. I kept telling myself hot creek water is good.  The other two cups of tea have been bearable,  I’m on a roll. Of course I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s my personal herbal RX and I’m hoping it cures ‘anything and everything’. After I drink the tea, I add a little prayer of thanks and then have my lotus flower pastry. The taste is delightful.