Tara Sutphen on the Radio with Matthew Engel – Psychic

Tara Sutphen will interview Matthew Engel - Psychic

Time: May 1, 2015 from 9am to 10am
Location: www.ctrnetwork.com
Phone: 877-230-3062
Event Type: transformation with tara
Organized By: Tara Sutphen – HOST


Tara Sutphen will interview Matthew Engel, a Psychic-Intuitive and Channeler. Matthew is also a Hypnotherapist, an Astrologer and does Consultations, and teaches Psychic Development Classes. He has used his vision for Entrepreneurs and Companies. Matthew offers a range of healing, personal and business development services to offer insight and clarity. Call In 877-230-3062 www.ctrnetwork.com

Happy May Day

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 by Tara Sutphen


Beltaine is the “Celebration of the Light”,the light time of the year. The dark time being remembered by Samhain. May 1 is the day in the middle of the spring and the summer equinox’ (15*Taurus). May Day is the time for love and the happiness of summer on it’s way.


Beltane is a celebration of the union of souls, The union of minds, and the union of bodies. The earth mother calls her progeny to replenish the earth. Flowers decorate hair and everywhere. Maypole ribbon dances, with two circles interweaving around a decorated tree or pole, clockwise dance circles. Bonfires or candles to spark the sacred fire of union and fertility.


Druids and Pagans raised the Beltaine fires on hilltops on May Eve, the fires were lit in order to bring the sun’s light down to earth. Earth awakening from it’s long winter nap and the flowers are in bloom and frolicking abounds. Joy alights your body, mind, and spirit, the colors become brighter, you see the best in everyone, casting away all worries and doubts you collected over the winter time.All nightmares become daydreams of love, hope and harmony.


 Beltaine or Beltane is an anglicization of the Irish “Bealtaine” or the Scottish “Bealtuinn.” — “bel,”brilliant”, “tene” “fire” 



Things to do on Beltaine alone or with a group


Create a Beltaine circle or group

Buy or Pick flowers


maywine (alcoholic or non alcoholic)

Candles, Fireplace, Bonfire — Lighting a fire with a blessing

May pole (you can use a tree if you don’t have a pole) garnish w. greenery and flowers – tie long ribbon


If you create a May pole, make lots of wishes while you walk clockwise into your future, and at the end of wrapping the ribbon say a blessing for yourself and end with “to love and be loved, So it is”. If the tree/pole ribbons pretty and sturdy enough you could leave until Samhain.


Some of the questions that you can ask your friends or family are:

What were the highlights in your winter? Everyone must come up with at least one if not several highlights. What are the dreams to enliven your spring and summer? Every one should convey their intentions for the summer.


Making Maywine


  • 2 bottles of dry white wine
  • 2 cups strawberry liqueor
  • 5 thin orange slices
  • and/or
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 12 sprigs of woodruff
  • 1 teaspoon sugar (more or less, as preferred)
  • Edible flowers (to be added after all ingredients have been mixed together)


Soak the dried woodruff overnight in the wine.

Add the rest of the ingredients, stir with a wooden spoon, and let it steep for an hour or so.

Serve very cold, with edible flowers floating atop in the punch bowl.

The taste is both sweet and fruity.

Non-Alcoholic version: Substitute sparkling water and grape juice, sparkling water and apple juice

American Heritage Dictionary

wood·ruff    Audio Help   (wŏŏd’rəf, -rŭf’)  Pronunciation Key  


  1. A fragrant perennial herb (Galium odoratum) native to Eurasia and North Africa and widely cultivated as a shade ground cover, having small white flowers and narrow leaves used for flavoring wine and in sachets. Also called sweet woodruff.
  2. Any of various plants of the genus Asperula, having whorled leaves and small funnel-shaped flowers.

Woodruff is sold in the herb section at markets and nurserys..

Edible Flowers


Alliums…chive flowers


Basil Flower Blossoms

Broccoli Florets. those little yellow flowers

Citrus Blossoms


Rose Pedals

Johnny Jump Up… Pansy

Mint flowers…

Thinking Magically™ | Apply the Law of the Vital Few to Your Magic

SCOTT GROSSBERG thinkingmagically.com

“80% of success is showing up.”
– Woody Allen

Vilfredo Pareto was a Professor of Political Economy at Lausanne, Switzerland and lived from 1848 to 1923. One of his observations was the fact that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by only 20% of the population or, to put it another way, the majority of wealth in Italy was owned and controlled by the effective few. This 80:20 rule has come to be known as the Pareto Principle (or the Law of the Vital Few, as I like to use it) and was originally popularized by Joseph Moses Juran (1904 – 2008) when Juran expanded the Pareto Principle to include observations such as 80% of a problem is caused by 20% of the causes.

Many, many public speakers from all industries and walks of life now tout Juran’s breakthroughs. Naturally, it has become very fashionable to discuss…

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Tara Sutphen will interview Dr. Mark Plotkin – Author & Ethnobotanist

Tara Sutphen will Interview Mark Plotkin - Author & Ethnobotanist

Time: April 24, 2015 from 9am to 10am
Location: www.ctrnetwork.com
Phone: 877-230-3062
Event Type: transformation with tara
Organized By: Tara Sutphen – HOST


Tara Sutphen will interview Mark Plotkin – Author & Ethnobotanist. Dr. Mark Plotkin, President of the non-profit Amazon Conservation Team (www.amazonteam.org), is partnering with indigenous people to conserve biodiversity, health, and culture in South American rainforests. Plotkin, a renowned ethnobotanist and accomplished author (Tales of a Shaman’s ApprenticeMedicine Quest) who was named one of Time Magazine‘s environmental “Heroes for the Planet,” has spent parts of the past 30 years living and working with shamans or witch doctors of the Amazon region. Their knowledge of healing plants may hold the cure to some of today’s most devastating diseases. “We’ve been practicing Western medicine essentially for 200 years,” he says. “These people have been practicing their shamanic medicine for 50,000 years, so certainly there’s something we can learn from them.” Call in your questions. 877-230-3062 www.ctrnetwork.com

Tara Sutphen will interview Julia Holland – Musician & Voice Coach

Tara Sutphen will interview Julia Holland - Musician & Voice Coach

Time: April 10, 2015 from 9am to 10am
Location: www.ctrnetwork.com
Phone: 877-230-3062
Event Type: transformation with tara
Organized By: Tara Sutphen – HOST
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Julia Holland has devoted her life to music, exploring and performing many genres from classical to jazz and blues, from rock to musical theater.  She now finds herself at a point of radical change where she is seeking to revolutionize her own sound and music by exploring layered harmonics and the music of the spheres. Along with meditation, Julia uses the voice as a tool of healing and awakening, inspired by the radical shifts happening around the world. She is now discovering her own evolving essence. She runs a busy vocal studio in Malibu, California and is a guide and teacher of others, using music to inspire personal development for people of all ages, types and levels. Call in your Questions 877-230-3062 www.ctrnetwork.com