Full Cold Moon & Total Eclipse

Full Cold Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Cold Moon is at 29* Gemini will culminate December 21, 2010 12:51pm pst/ 3:51am est (almanac). Not only is the moon full, there will be a total eclipse on the Winter Solstice. The Cosmos is christening you for a great awakening, if you can be open to your own light and self expression. You are an organic being interwoven with specific phases of the living world and universe, Earth and the Moon turn together, as though they are dancing.Yule begins and is the celebration of light. Coming out of the darkest day-night of the year we will begin to gain more minutes of sunlight each day. Yule is a pagan holiday where the people of Europe and Scandinavia made festive, it is not considered religious. The pagans were naturalists, such as the Native Americans and other indigenous communities around the world. They followed the course of the sun, the moon and cycles of the seasons for planting food and generally planning survival strategy.
As winter comes we recognize our need to rest our minds, hearts and bodies while warming at the hearth. And we are mindful we have the added eclipse, which means something needs to be taken away to make whole or pure again. Individually this will means something different for each of us. The astrological aspects point to renewing personal truth. Taking the blinders off to contemplate and allow our personality and appearance to shine. This isn’t a time to be too lax or too stern with yourself, it’s about opening to the opportunities and possibilities presented to you.
Revving your internal engines to rethink and grow. Where have you missed cues and subtleties. Have you been asking yourself questions as to why you’ve been ram-rodding what you want or wanted and you got exactly that. Are you rethinking what is right and what is wrong for your reality. Have you been living a lie or idly waiting for change. Have you been living too sparsely and not asking the universe for enough? Sometimes we even do the opposite of what may be good for us. We have all dealt with some boring situations, weird events and worst case scenarios. Are they to bring us out of our reverie to better circumstances? Usually we must observe where the lesson needed to be learned, comprehending yet honoring our personal journey.
Maybe those who sometimes sit in emotional pain have been protected. We can get what we ask for…but there’s the old adage of “be careful what you wish for”. Be thoughtful as the path of destiny is different for each person. We don’t necessarily want to be in other’s karma or issues. You may not get people or circumstances in the exact way you long for, take the time to figure it out, time gives us a chance to either wait or work it out. Allow all poison to seep out of emotional wounds and physical laments. We’re brave from contests, but it’s time to win. Being aware of waning physical health mean you are to start a program the first of the year to correct it. Sticking to regimes of better living can be hard at first, but you are giving up self-deprecating sabotage. If you are worrying about money, find solutions to enhance your career or take the time to learn a new job or task. Before you came to earth you summoned certain people, places, events and things. Mainly out of bravery that you could handle “anything”.
Acknowledge how your vitality can be full and enriching, you want to live the greatest life. Own the statement and sentiment “I want to live the most Amazing Beautiful Existence”. You ask for wisdom, be open to receive. The moon is your personal spotlight upon the earth, Sorce the Moon…

Journal Questions:

How are you clearing your life?
• Physical level
• Emotional level
• Intellectual level
• Spiritual level
What are you accumulating in your life?
• Happiness
• Wholesomeness
• Contentedness
• Money
• Love
• Family
• Friends
• Awareness
• Wisdom

Explain your emotional needs with this list:
• Parents
• Children
• Lovers
• Spouses
• Friendships
• People
• Places
• Career Choices

Explain your needs of clear communication with this list:
• Parents
• Children
• Lovers
• Spouses
• Friendships
• People
• Places
• Career Choices

Explain your needs of time and attention with this list:
• Parents
• Children
• Lovers
• Spouses
• Friendships
• People
• Places
• Career Choices

What do others expect from you on this list:
• Parents
• Children
• Lovers
• Spouses
• Friendships
• People
• Places
• Career Choices

Write a few sentences to analyze:
• What fears has the media, economy and politics created in you?
• What is real in your life and what is hoax?
• Where are you sidetracking?
• Do you worry about issues you can’t control?
• Are you taking care of your personal life and relationships?
• Are you only sitting in a puddle of worry?
• Are you creating change and proactive solutions?
• How do you create proactive movement to secure your place in your environment or country?
• How do you create Love?
• How do you create Peace?
• How do you create Harmony?
• How do you create workable solutions?
• Do you take risks?
• When you fight in the home, do you always need to be right?
• What is right?
• What if you are wrong or being emotional, can you come clean – at least with yourself?
• Can you apologize?
• Can you clearly create a new fine day?
• Can you let all the unneeded upheaval you’ve experienced to live tomorrow successfully?
How do you want:
3 – 10 sentences
• Love
• Money
• Wellness
• Happiness
• Playfulness
• Wisdom
• Contentment

• What is the style of communication
• Are they aware of your feelings
• Are you aware of their feelings
• What is the compromise
• Resolution

Love Behavior:
• What is the style of communication
• Are they aware of your feelings
• Are you aware of their feelings
• What is the compromise
• Resolution

Speak clearly and precisely, activating your voice at it’s highest level. You are a clear thinking human, there is no confusion. NO CONFUSION. This magical time of using the force of nature to help you energetically wash free what holds you down and holds you back. You are born for a purpose. You are a divine human.

“Who loves not a false imagining, an unreal character in us; but looking through all the rubbish of our imperfections, loves in us the divine ideal of our natures – not the man that we are, but the angel that we may be.”
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson (English poet, 1809-1892)
Total Eclipse
Times of over North America
Event PST
(-8 UTC) MST
(-7 UTC) CST
(-6 UTC) EST
(-5 UTC)
Start penumbral (P1) 9:27 pm (*) 10:27 pm (*) 11:27 pm (*) 12:27 am
Start umbral (U1) 10:32 pm (*) 11:32 pm (*) 12:32 am 1:32 am
Start total (U2) 11:40 pm (*) 12:40 am 1:40 am 2:40 am
Greatest eclipse 12:17 am 1:17 am 2:17 am 3:17 am
End total (U3) 12:53 am 1:53 am 2:53 am 3:53 am
End umbra (U4) 2:02 am 3:02 am 4:02 am 5:02 am
End penumbral (P4) 3:06 am 4:06 am 5:06 am 6:06 am
(*) before midnight on Monday night, December 20

visible to North America, South America – North-Eastern Asia

You are invited:

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Craig Mudge

By Tara Sutphen


Craig, sigh….. Leaving us all earlier than you should have, May you be as graceful in heaven as you were on earth.

One day in Science class we had a speaker. The teacher was very excited to introduce Craig to the class. I was 16 years old and he was speaking on Astronomy. I remember everything about that day. Down to the wood grain on the desks and the pattern on the linoleum, even the weather out the window of our classroom was blustery, another Alaska day in October. What struck me was Craig’s honesty about how he couldn’t get into the NASA space program because of his color blindness. But that didn’t stop Craig from being very knowledgeable about planets and constellations. He loved the sky and the heavens and it came across with his every word. I listened to him speak, not something I did for just anyone while in high school. Our teacher was very happy. It turned out to be an impressive day. And a nice surprise to see Craig again, a year later when I started dating his brother, Ron who I also married.

The generous heart and ready smile of Craig, he was always willing to give a helping hand, and a kind word of encouragement. When you were down he would always speak with compassion. There was never any guile. He was straight forward and listened well. I didn’t ever see him too agitated or disturbed, he could be frustrated at times but nothing more. And even that, was a rare event. He was oddly angelic even then. He loved to tease his Mother, Shawna and the Dad’s, also Willie and me in those days. He didn’t tease Ron often as Ron usually was goading Craig, as brothers do, with a hint of mischief.

I remember how they would still debate about how Craig got stabbed in the hand when they lived in the Quonset hut on Government Hill. They were youngsters in grade school and Ron asked Craig to splay his hand so that he could poke a pocket knife in between Craig’s fingers. Craig moved and Ron stabbed him in the middle of his hand. There was a lot of screaming with Ron following Craig as he ran out of the room in pain and chaos, Ron running after Craig pondering on how he was going to get out of this inconvenient dilemma. Ron tried hard to explain to their Mom what all the blood was about and desperately trying to conversationally ‘fix’ the situation. Sadly, it was one of those uncorrectable kid problems where Craig needed medical aid. Ron, the instigator and Craig, the conciliator, this banter and ribbing between them went on for years. As young men, Ron was still trying to ridicule Craig for moving his hand that day. Craig relished the story on how Ron got in trouble. The boys would have me belly laughing every time they bickered and told this tale. I was always easily entertained by the brother’s stories and bantering.

When I married into the family, Craig included my brothers in his social life. Jason was only a young teen, Craig involved him when going to the movies or doing something fun. Jason says “Craig was the only one who treated him like an adult”. I chided Jason when he said that, as he was only 12 and 13 years old, but Jason was beaming with flattery. Both my brothers, Scott & Jason always loved hanging out with Craig.

When Craig met Robin, he was so excited to tell me all about her and looked so forward to becoming her husband. I remember thinking how he would be wonderful to her and they would be happy. Craig would make sure of it. I’m sorry these last few years weren’t as fun for them. Robin cared for Craig with the utmost care and sensitivity. Within their lives and hearts they tried their very best to comfort each other when things went wrong. Robin will lovingly be there for their children and their children’s children. I wish her the best of luck.

I was proud of Craig how he handled his mother and me, when his brother Ron died. It can’t be easy to console weeping women. Ron’s family came to Southern California to make arrangements for the funeral. To take a break, Craig wanted a day of rest to go to Disneyland. I got tearful and voiced my concern, half kidding him that he might disappear and send Mickey Mouse to do Ron’s Eulogy. “I started to mimic Mickey Mouse’s voice on how Mickey didn’t know Ron well, and how he was taking Craig’s place as he was in the other Glorious Kingdom”. Poor Craig, we were hanging on to him like cats with claws, we were counting on him to console us through those hard terrible days. And he did, he also phenomenally conducted Ron’s funeral. God knows, I only remember walking through a fog.

Just as we all walk in sorrow for Craig’s death now… the silence, the vagueness, the gloom.

He couldn’t have a better family. Nadine is one of the most Beloved Mother’s I have ever known. She is pure heart and soul, that she must endure losing her children crushes my heart. I have loved who she has loved. The wound of grief can be long suffering. Thankfully Craig has left precious children behind to sweeten her days. Gene, Shawna and her family will be lovingly there.

As we weep, the brotherly rivalry has started again. Ron and Craig are reminiscing about the good ole days of cars, laughter and love. They are talking about all of us, I can hear their chatter and I’m sure many of you can too.

We can question who may or may not be going to heaven, but we know Craig made the cut.

May he rest in Eternal Grace.

My Love Always to Craig, and to my and Willie’s extended family, The Weiler’s, The Mudge’s & The Parrish’s ~


13* Sagittarius New Moon

13* Sagittarius New Moon

By Tara Sutphen


 13* Sagittarius New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating December 5, 2010. This Sagittarius New Moon is about stepping up to be a willing participant in your environment. Be it the home front or your community. What would you like to study or acquire. Every time you step out the front door you are given an opportunity to meet wonderful, sincere people and construct healthy, wholesome learning experiences. Have you become numb to the favorable circumstances that await you. There are choices. How we construct our time and how we treat people. You can be thoughtful. Even if you are on a time crunch, you can be kind, assert and speak comfortably, acting in tune with your intentions. We don’t always have time for friendly but we have time to be perceptive and gracious. If your day is spent in road rage, anxiety and churning worry, how will that help you design the life you want to live. Not all days come out smelling like roses, to be responsible we do have to actively handle day to day problems, and it’s important to have goals to pursue.

There is a bigger picture of your life without the nitpicking, doubt and self criticism. Nothing gets done until we leave complaints and disparaging behavior behind. If you think about it, we decorate our minds, our hearts, our bodies, our homes and careers. Some of us work hard at our anima, and we need to stay connected to actualizing a persona. We can garnish and adorn ourselves, and also know it’s important to access what is enriching. Who are you, the embellished you or the real you. What needs to be polished, inside the self, such as working on your sincerity, hopefulness, and trust or finding the outside self, improving your friendships, romance, and academic skills. What attributes are you reworking,” the inside you”, “the outside you” or “the issues you’ve come to think are you”. Let’s act toward alleviating fears, instead of collecting more by the day. You can give yourself some words and energy support to overcome some of your stress, therapies such as hypnosis, meditation, massages, hugs from our loved ones, or maybe a good inner dialogue of clear reasoning can help. No holding on to what holds you back. If you want friends you must reach out to be a friend. If you want love, you must reach out for love. If you want wisdom, you must stretch your mind, be questioning, listen and consider. If you want to achieve, you must be purposeful. If you want great health, you must begin. If you want life, you must live. There is no absoluteness in our reality, though it is malleable.

Journal Questions:

Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

Describe yourself in 7-10 sentences

  • List all your introverted qualities
  • List all your extroverted qualities
  • Where are you shy
  • Where do you lack boundaries
  • What must you change
  • What are you good at
  • How do others perceive you
  • Are you outgoing
  • Are you easygoing
  • Are you helpful
  • Are you generous
  • Are you criticizing
  • Are you fearful
  • Do you make hasty decisions
  • Are you spontaneous
  • Are you reckless
  • Are you careful
  • Are you too cautious
  • What activities do you like
  • What activities do you love
  • Do you do them often
  • What holds you back if not
  • Are you obsessive
  • Are you learning and growing
  • Are you conscious of others feelings
  • Are you relating well with relatives
  • Are you relating well with friends
  • Are you relating well in your environment
  • Are you relating well with others in the world
  • How do you feel about your home
  • How do you feel about your environment
  • How do you feel about the world
  • Where can you improve
  • Do you have the energy to actively live life to the fullest
  • What are the remedies

What do you abhor in others behavior?

Do you do any of these?

  • Short attention span
  • Hard time acknowledging others
  • Interrupts in a conversation
  • Changes subject in flow of conversation
  • Becomes overwhelmed
  • Distracted easily
  • Disorganized mentally
  • Disorganized physically

Are you well balanced in your social skills?

Write 3-5 sentences for each

  • Do you put on a fake mask when you walk out the door of your house
  • Are you provincial
  • Charitable
  • Humane
  • Wise
  • polite

Social events and activities

Write 7-10 sentences on how you feel, how you act, and what you would like to change

When are you true to your self?


  • At home
  • At work
  • On the social scene

Are you feeling you are only with pets and no longer react with humans?

Write 7-10 sentences on what is wrong with humans

Do you like pets and children?

Write 7-10 sentences on the attributes and qualities you enjoy or dislike

Do you being an adult?

Write 7-10 sentences on why or why not you like being an adult

Write 3-5 sentences on each subject

  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Events
  • Remarks
  • People
  • Friends
  • Politics
  • Fears
  • Happiness
  • Worries
  • Nature
  • Hobbies
  • Children
  • World events
  • Solutions of problems
  • Goals
  • Money
  • Shopping
  • Helpfulness
  • Relatives
  • Spouse
  • Lovers
  • Household chores
  • Home owning
  • Renting
  • Job
  • Career
  • Plans
  • Vacations
  • Nutrition
  • Socializing
  • Parties
  • Destinations

What would you like to learn or study?

Interacting with others and our environment, we should always remind ourselves we shouldn’t have regrets. If it wasn’t how we wanted to spend our time then to be honest but move ourselves out of situations that aren’t serving us. It isn’t to be rash with others feelings or our own, find balance. We don’t always get what we want, and we must know on some level that we want the very best or to learn a lesson so that we don’t have to repeat it again. We are not always in sync with others or their destiny. Actually we are in accord with very few people, but we empathize with many.


“Why, except as a means of livelihood, a man should desire to act on the stage when he has the whole world to act in, is not clear to me.” ~George Bernard Shaw (Irish literary Critic, Playwright and Essayist. 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1856-1950)