24* Aries New Moon

24* Aries New Moon

By Tara Sutphen
24* Aries New Moon this month (no moon – the time of dreaming), culminating April 14, 2010. The Aries new moon is about activity. Are you dashing about or do you have a game plan. Are you making money, nurturing yourself, taking care of your health. Where is your stress level. Are you just staying glued enough not to fall apart. What’s wrong w. that picture. What do you need to change so that your life goes into a groove again. That your life is the life you dream it to be. You think you’ve wanted this and it’s become what you envisioned but the responsibilities, the duties, the drama can be too much. Allow yourself to think of conclusions, if I attempt this – what will happen, what is the outcome. This is a time when you want to make some fast hard changes, make sure to be realistic so that your path will be comfortable and viable. Does your competitive streak get you to your goals but then there is nothing to show for the life you really want. Time to be competitive with yourself again in the right way and get what you want this time. Life is to be lived and waiting for YOU………..

Journal Questions:
Do you take time for yourself? Hot baths? Vitamin shopping? Eating Healthy plans? Where do you cut corners? Where do you stay within your means in your job, with your family, friends…..do you down size or cut time and yet stress about civilization. Society will not save you….only you can save you. Society gives you opportunities for you to help yourself. And it’s by taking small steps to the life you want. Lets write out 20 steps that you can do to start active change. Is it time to get back into your personal power…whether you know what that is or not anymore. Managing to become sincere with yourself and those around you. The meaning of sincere is genuine, guileless, honest, natural, and open.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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