Love Realignment

Love Realignment

By Tara Sutphen

We all want to be in love and have others fall head over heals for us. What about falling in love with ourselves. Are you reeling back right now? Are you thinking this is an absurd idea? Or do you get the warm fuzzies and think it sounds good to work toward being content and happy with your mind, body and spirit. 

We are on the big search… and what we’re seeking is unconditional feelings from others. But is that enough, is our own perception to see ourselves through other’s eyes or do we really tune in to who we are. We need a certain amount of self awareness to not fall into others ideas or complaints. We all know people who cynically complain. We’ve been involved with those ‘curve balls’ of misunderstanding or grief from other peoples opinions or control issues about us. 

We don’t need to be in others drama, we’ve created enough of our own. So how you feel about yourself will ultimately shape your life. We have years of perceiving we’re not perfect or struggle with acceptance. We all know what it is to be rejected or crushed by others view point. What we want is to live the ideal. But we doubt ourselves on how we’re going to get there. Where do we find the beautiful world and unlocking the good vibes about our self. 

First of all, we know we have to exert some effort on building our self-esteem. So we begin by rebuilding some of our character traits and by letting go of bad habits. Starting to practice being better, and taking back our vulnerability and self-worth.  Allowing our flaws and mistakes to guide us on “what not to do”. Rounding our character in all facets of trust and constructive viewpoints instead of falling into doubt, suspicion or anger. No more of a defeatist attitude.

When we begin to work on our personal preferences and balance, we flourish in life. It’s not about getting it wrong, but correcting, and really honoring our life and well-being. 

Here’s a list of how to find love for yourself again:

1. Perfection of Imperfection 

Perfection is only an Ideal. No one can be perfect, but they can be the best version of themselves and their life choices. 

2. Kindness is Not Weakness

Kindness will get you everywhere in life. A smile or kind word goes a long way. We can shine when we permit ourselves. Try not to be defensive over words or slights. You either take the high road or low road. We are aware there are those incidents where you need to be strong and assertive, we are naturally defensive to being harmed. But reposition and stay in the love-zone as much as possible.

3. Listen to your Intuition

Listen to your inner voice on what you are doing right, stay on track. Learn to gently say no on reacting negatively or harming yourself in any way. Keep your mind and body healthy.

4. Reach for Healthy Food

Be proactive on your eating habits, your attitude changes when your body is well.

5. Skill Set 

If you want to learn something new, look for ways to gain the knowledge and know-how.  Work diligently to hone the skills of your craft and expertise. 

6. Pay Attention to You

Your life is a miracle every day. Each sunrise gives you a chance to do over what you weren’t happy with the day before, we begin again and again. 

7. Accepting Who You Are 

Allow yourself to look in a mirror, saying an encouraging word to yourself. Even if you don’t feel it yet, fake it until you make it. Say something nice…

8. Being Present 

Your presence can mean the world to others and enjoying a moment with yourself or being aware of what you’re doing is a present to yourself.

9. Be Open to Opportunities

When you close yourself off, you don’t make way for the new experiences or people to enter and enrich your life. This doesn’t mean frittering your time with idle pleasure, these are empowering ideas, people and solutions.

10. Personal Empowerment

If you are needing to make changes, keep going. Learn some discipline and proactive positive movement forward. Good input, affirmative application and hopeful behavior will lead you toward achievement. It may not be instant gratification, but retain your resolve. Make good choices.


Love is Love (Soulmate Agreement List)

Love is Love

Soulmate Agreement List

By Tara Sutphen

There are different types of soulmates and personal contracts. Meetings are likely decided before we are born. A soul agrees to encounter certain people in upcoming earthly sojourns. Many of these convergences will be heart-centered or at least noteworthy on some level. Destiny takes its course. We regard fervent connections as soulmates. 

Whether we know them from some long forgotten world or past life, they fit the criteria of our earthly co-creator/partner/friend or protagonist list. Our innermost self is in a curious state when making these plans, as many outcomes are definitely tricky. We want to create important connections, we are undaunted with these pre-life choices. We like to think of ourselves as daring and brave, as the alignment of emotions, feelings, and reactions are rarely the same; no matter if we think this to be so. Our individual perspectives are unique and ours alone.

There are different people on varying subjects, Love, Work, Health, Friends and Lovers. There will be those untroubled attachments or exultant arrangements; or an encounter may look hopeful but turn out bad. These can be bargaining arrangements, where confusion ensues and can lead to messy outcomes. Can these situations be remedied. Of course, with enough compatibility or good will. If you’re living against your personal principles you may need to find the pathway to better personal relationships or friendships. Does this mean we should set a standard for all people. Basically it starts with you and your feelings. How you regard and value others, you know what you want, and why you want it. Being very patient with yourself and others is fundamental. 

We have general ties with our family relationships, friendships, love relationships, children, school, work, and spiritual groups, vacations, and neighbors. It is up to us to make them special, it only takes effort and consideration.

Soulmate Agreements List:


Some connections between two people sometime transcend normal. We are interwoven with people every day, but how they intersect into our lives is optional. Just because we may see each other daily, such as students or co-workers doesn’t mean they play a role in our lives. 


Extraordinary encounters can play elation or confusion on our emotions. Sometimes its a mere meeting, sometime we converge with them physically. Rhapsody is what all people seek when thinking of Soulmates. We’re looking for chemistry and true love. 

Twin Flames:

This type of Soulmate is an ignited and bonded kind of love. Immediate recognition when seeing each other. Attraction is intense and parting is too painful. These are kindred spirits.

Companion Complement:

A reasonable togetherness, never boring but maybe not as compatible as it could be. Raise children well together and going in forward momentum to work, help, protect and support each other and your families.

Companion Catalyst:

A pairing which may come into your life to shake you up. Whether the experiences prove to be positive, negative, or neutral interactions. New opportunities or invitations are presented so you can try and work out a solution together; or you fail the relationship and each other.  Learning to grow and evolve can be painful if not handled in the best possible ways. Partings can be more manageable then togetherness.

Criss Cross Coupling:

You don’t make up your mind about each other, or your waiting for a sign. This feels like you should be a couple but for some reason you don’t happen to get it together. Stronger relationships in one or both parties could be involved. Some unfinished business or the saving grace you need to stay on track of your personal journey. Positive viewpoint permits intelligent actions.


Easy Contact. No matter where you stand in love, easy conversations and camaraderie in friendship make unconditional love, a much easier process. Help and support is always needed at some time in our lives and usually we have people who show up. Respect of each other and being non-judgmental are some of the perks of this kind of relationship. There are usually low expectations, clear communication and fun!


This foe can show up rather quickly between two people. Internal unrest doesn’t seem to be resolved easily. This is unfinished business and can lead to all sorts of tests. How you handle these challenges are crucial for neutral outcomes. All obstacles can be overcome. Misunderstandings can be resolved; but bullying, underhandedness and cruelty must not be allowed. We take a step back or away from negativity. We don’t respond or engage. We don’t internalize misgivings or take on antagonistic projections. We come back to our center and engage with meaningful people in our lives.

Tara Sutphen CHt is featured in the Book “Soulmates” by Jess Stearn and also wrote the book “Soul Agreements” She is a renown Psychic and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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New Moon 21* Taurus

New Moon 21* Taurus – time to meditate and leave behind frustration or anxiousness. Allow for suggestions of producing results and proactive movement toward manifestation. Complete tasks of unfinished business or projects. Set your feet on the earth to align grounding and to bless your success. ~ #tarasutphen #tarainsight #tarainsightdotcom #hypnotherapy #hypnotherapist #astrology #mooncycles #moon #newmoon

Spring March 20

The Spring Equinox 2021 is Saturday, March 20th. Set up your Ostara altar outdoors to celebrate nature. Your altar needs to be positioned where the morning sun will reflect upon it. Put some stones and flowers, (loose or potted), soft colors of candles, write a poem and a list of your spring desires, a love letter 💚

Effectiveness is proven by Action

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Living in Grace

The way to gain a steady life is making wise decisions and carefully selecting people, places and things. If your having a hard time and people aren’t being kind, know you are being given road signs and sometimes the only way to change is when the neon sign is blinking before you. Allow your life to be graceful. ~TaraSutphen


To have friends,we practice unconditionally loving others and make nice gestures and effort.To gain wisdom is to act accordingly.To be respected we need only to act respectable and be conscious of other’s feelings.Not everyone will react the way we want them to, but that doesn’t matter, as processing your higher self is about you, not about them. Whatever door closes, another opens ~TaraSutphen

To Become Balanced

We are constantly need to come back to center, being brave and in resonance no matter the outside circumstances. Allow for Grace. What makes you feel at peace, practice that feeling every day.

*How to become balanced:
PHYSICAL: health and the way we treat our cleanliness, posture, and overall treat our bodies is a part where being balanced. Our body is the most precious gift we have and without it we can’t exist. If we don’t stay healthy we certainly can’t enjoy all the other aspects of life.

  1. MENTAL: You want to exercise your mind to keep it working properly. Keep your cognitive abilities sharp. If you don’t take care of your body it will deteriorate, and this can also be true of your mind.
  2. EMOTIONAL: Managing our emotions is important. When engaging with our feelings it’s best to work with our intelligence. I. This way we learn what we want and we can be fulfilled. We need always to resolve our feelings and never be irrational. It’s easy to forget how to manage our emotional world.
    4.SOCIAL: There is a certain amount of human socializing people need. We learn to treat humankind with courtesy and fairness when we are interacting with each other. Sometimes there are wonderful connections we naturally make. Camaraderie and joy can easily be attained. But how about when dissension or bad feelings come up, those need to be handled and dealt with emotionally. Even if you don’t like to interact with people there is a certain spacial sharing humans need.
    5.FINANCES: Whether you are working in a career or a job, it’s important to bring value to your and others lives. We are all a part of a cycle of service to mankind, to ourselves and to our Families. Money is an energetic transference. Learn what your skills are and practice being the best you can be.
    6.SPIRITUAL: The relationship you create between yourself and the universe. You can fight your life every day or you can come into resonance and be in reverence of all the opportunities and possibilities life has your offer you. If you begin the feel blessed, this will carry into your speaking, your actions and into a better future. #tarasutphen #tarainsight #tarainsightdotcom #sessions #hypnotherapy @tara_insight

Dick Sutphen 1937-2020

May Dick Sutphen Rest In Eternal Grace ✨ #tarasutphen #taraanddick #dicksutphen #fathertomychildren #soaringspirit #masteroflifemagazine #huntersutphen #williamsutphen #cheyennevanzutphen #flywiththeangels #loveandblessings #32yearsmarried #followoninstagram @missvanzutphen @artofwilliamsutphen @huntersutphen @tara_insight