Full Maple Sugar Moon


Full Maple Sugar Moon
By Tara Sutphen
The Full Maple Sugar Moon at 9*Libra will culminate March 29, 2010 7:25pm pst/10:25pm est (almanac). The time of using your mind to be in balance. To set in motion your equilibrium, allowing for poise and a steady way of being. Harmonizing instead of polarizing. You are in ‘the now’. Assessment of your routines, your job path, your mind set. How do you connect to your inner being and access your personal power. Are you connecting or disconnecting. Connection with yourself begins with feeling in tune with who you are. Are you unfocused or well rounded.  When do you feel confused and side track your success, your love life, your health, and your fitness. Do you sabotage yourself, berate yourself with low self-esteem behind closed doors. Do you tell yourself you want change but stay in stagnation. You could be thinking advancement and maybe speak it, but can you move your ideas into action. The development of your thoughts into process and effort. Propelling forward and forging ahead is always a risk. What if you make the wrong choices and create mistakes, what will be the plan to ‘save you’. Life can be gripping, hairy, heartbreaking, heartrending, impelling, impressive, meaningful, mind-bending, and mind-blowing.  And how do you create balance and LIVE. You begin over and over: activate, actuate, excite, inspire, instigate, introduce, lead, and most of all you prevail. Counterpoise and counterbalance what is important and what is not. What is good for you, what is not.
Journal Questions:
What is important to you? What is not important to you? What do you try to make important? What are your personal needs? What are your household needs? Are they in balance? What do you need to do to bring them into balance? Where are you not being responsible to you and your needs? Why do you feel stuck? How can you become unstuck? Write reasonable plans and preparations. When you are sad do you counterbalance this? What do you say to yourself? How do you feel? What do you need to say to bring yourself into better balance. When you are angry, how do you come to terms with how you feel? How can you come into better balance when you are agitated or frustrated? What brings you into balance when you are angry. Do you replay anger in your mind? Do you need to reprogram your anger process? Do you feel this is hyper behavior? or Frustration? Are you communicating your thoughts and ideas? (journaling counts) When you are happily excited, do you stay that way for a long time. Or do you only stay excited for a short while and then feel self conscious? Do you recognize what makes you excited? Is it a normal state of being or what are the circumstances?  Can you be happy when you are alone? Why? Are you only happy around others? What do others do for you? What do you do for others? Emotionally and Physically. How do you want to improve? Your reactions, your friendship skills, your happiness level, your living condition? How do you come into balance in these areas? How do you improve your self worth? How do you improve your situations you find yourself in? Family situations? Work situations? Love situations? Health situations? What will bring balance in these settings ? Give yourself workable solutions. All problems, all quandaries are fixable. You can find yourself in uncertain dilemmas and be unsure how to stabilize. Align, focus, mend, put in working order, and readjust your attitude and intentions. Being reasonable and tolerant of your drawbacks, gaining strength and betterment. Never give up, allow yourself to change and grow.
Nobody trips over mountains.  It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble.  Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.  ~Author Unknown
Suggestions to raise your self esteem 
Stop putting yourself down
Get sober
Practice self-care
Stop trying to be invisible
Be receptive
Do not compare yourself to others
Stop being self-conscious
Find your passion
Communicate your feelings
Don’t get even, get excellent
All problems are fixable
Create solutions
Decide what is best for you
Be Assertive
Give up fear
Stop the drama, don’t over react
Self help support (articles,books, cd’s)
Recognize who supports you
Make goals


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