23* Taurus New Moon

23* Taurus New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

23* Taurus New Moon this month (no moon – the time of dreaming), culminating May 14, 2010. This Taurus New Moon is about reorganizing your time and energy. Are you wasting time on a non satisfying job. Is romance in other lives but not yours. Are you happy, content and carefree, but still missing something. This new moon even though it is silent in the darkness is the most intense aspect of the zodiac. If you’d like to burn off some mistakes or bad decisions, it’s time to find the energetic pathway to make resolutions. You can’t leap to new untried ways of life, but you can take thoughtful steps to a sound future. A life, that in time is gratified. If you can be clear on what it is you have been denying yourself or how you might be deluding yourself each day.Start forward progress to your stuck and outworn ideas or lifestyle. You’ll have to dig deep for questions you might ask yourself, look for answers that are elusive or barely visible, you might have to trust penetrating the core of your being. And remember, we get nowhere unless we are honest with our self. It’s not what others think you need or want, this is about you.

The Full Moon late April was a very intense clearing time, and now you have another chance to explore your imposed limits. You are to fully recognize and stop kidding yourself on who is your friend and who isn’t your friend. Whether this is family or people in your environment. You are to be clear on how you make money and if you are fulfilled and satisfied or lacking a livelihood. If you are satisfied then it’s time to stop complaining, about anything and everything. You can burn off that karma and make progress. Leave your enemies behind, leave your fears and frustrations behind, leave your boredom and upsets. You no longer need to disallow, withhold or work against yourself. Say yes to your life. Empower yourself to have whatever it is you think you require. It doesn’t matter where you take wrong turns, it only matters you start supporting a life that belongs to you. We’re talking of constructive change here, not destructive bad habits that you think might need justification. Take off your sunglasses, take off your rose color glasses — take a magnifying glass. Who is the ‘real you’.

Journal Questions:

Think of all the complaints you tell others, and you need not share this journal w. anyone else. This is for you to look deeply into yourself. Unveil your paranoia, your unrest, your lack of trust, your feelings, your untested personal power and general issues.

1. Write down 20 complaints or more
2. Write a critique with each grievance.
3. Give yourself an antidote or solution.

Recognize when you are short-sighted with your friends, co-workers, relatives, or your environment. Are you appreciative for what you have in things or love from others.

1. Write down your faults
2. Write down other’s faults
3. Correction of your faults

How are you mismanaging your life?

1. Communication – write out how.
2. Self Esteem – write out why.
3. Motivation – write out solution.

Correction on management – Write 5 general fixes.

“Once I knew only darkness and stillness…my life was without past or future…but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.” Helen Keller

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