Full Flower Moon

Full Flower Moon
By Tara Sutphen

The Full Flower Moon at 6* Sagittarius will culminate May 26, 2010 1:07pm pdt/4:07pm edt (almanac). Last month for the Full Pink Moon we looked at fear and how that impedes our lives, this month is listening to our own best advice. What can you tell others about their health, career or love life and take that a step farther, and tell yourself what it is you also need. How do you seek liberation from the self. Health should be the primary concern as many put self-care on a backburner. There are those that are hypochondriacs and then there are others who never check in to the way they are functioning until it’s too late. How can we carol ourselves into wanting to create what is really good for us. Is it deep kindness to our mind and soul, giving ourselves permission to really live and love ourselves and others. Can you honestly look at the way your heart works. Are you shut down or too giving. Do you deem others worthy for the company and comradery you give them. How do you go about getting the necessary love you might crave. How do you go about working a job that demands you give in areas that are uncomfortable to your well-being. Or a lifestyle that no longer holds fascination or interest. We can go through the motions without really gaining what we need and want in our lives. It doesn’t mean excess, it doesn’t mean boundaries – it may mean good judgment. Do you use your inner knowing or instinct. It takes energy to have relief and self-determination. Take a breath and alleviate your body and mind of stress. Halt the heaviness that life hands you, and start letting go. Breathe in the breath of life, all the way to the bottom of your stomach, inhale peace and exhale chaos. It’s time to reactivate your life force…….freedom.
Journal Questions:
The time of being emotionally true to who you are…take a significant look at yourself. Who are you? How do you see yourself? How do other’s see you? What do you feel you’re capable of? In a career? In your personal life? How do you give to others? How do you hold back?
• List 10 ways to create better health
• List 10 ways to create a better lovelife
• List 10 ways to create better job skills
• What is ideal health?
• Lofty version.
• Realistic version.
• What is Love?
• Lofty version.
• Realistic version
• What is your ideal job?
• Lofty version.
• Realistic version.

To dream is to create the beginning flow of our goals. Your mind meets your communication skills meets your actions…….. step by step.
“He who nurtures benevolence for all creatures within his heart overcomes all difficulties and will be the recipient of all types of riches at every step.” ~ Chanakya Quote (Indian politician/writer 350 BC-275 BC)

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