Egypt Tour – May 11-22, 2011

Egypt Tour

May 11-22,2011

You are invited to reawaken into the Mystic Realms of Ancient Egypt. Your guides in this adventure will be Tara Sutphen and Andrea Smith.  You will be exploring Past Life Regression and Life Force Activation in the Great Pyramid of Giza. And we have special permission to visit in the paws of the Sphinx. We will help connect you psychically to your past, present and future possibilities through the Temples of Isis, Hathor, Horus, Ramses II, the Valley of the Kings and other sites. You will go through healing exercises, psychometry, and learn to sorce in magical places of time immemorial. We will stay in 5 Star hotels and be taken on a 5 star cruise along the Nile. May 11-22, 2011 -Price is $3900. excluding airfare and some meals. 




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Egypt Deposit
$300.00 USD

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Egypt Paid In Full
$3900.00 USD




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Marla Maples Andrea Smith Tara Sutphen

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