Fly Butterfly


Fly Butterfly

In our lifetime will we become the butterfly instead of the caterpillar. Look at the caterpillar with it’s 3 sets of legs and 8 eyes, it leisurely slinks along the ground, drags the earth and slowly gets to where it wants to go until it uses it’s ability to transform. Once in the cocoon, growing, deep in thought and plans for the change. Emerging brand new, forming beauty and wonder, flying and no longer crawling. The butterfly flies with grace and easily lands on soft flowers instead of dirt. The metaphor is much like us as humans, we go slowly and deliberately feeling half blind at times with narrow ideas and untried measures until we soon get tired of not taking steps to right our lives. Knowing we must change into our best and highest selves, striving toward securing our lives. And once we are the butterfly to spread light and love to anyone in our path. We all need assurance and the will to accomplish, to try new things. A butterfly tastes with it’s feet. How do we get to butterfly status. We don’t want to wait till we die to know, we want it now…on earth.~Tara Sutphen

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