0* Gemini New Moon & Annular Solar Eclipse

0* Gemini New Moon
By Tara Sutphen

0* Gemini New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating May 20, 2012. This is also an Annular Solar Eclipse, and this type of eclipse has not been seen in the USA for 18 years. Eclipses are about change or letting go, it can be to bring something exciting or illuminating into your life. This Gemini New Moon is about old communication coming to an end or finding balance on how you are expressing yourself. Releasing a mindset on what doesn’t work in an effective world. How do you move about in your environment to acquire confidence, and constructive acts or good manners. Where can a Revelation or two give meaningful thought to create purposeful achievement. How can we use the eclipse to change our personal world to the one we really want to be in. You’ve been speaking since infancy but are you getting your needs met in your life. You know if your life is in working order. You may feel you are at your base instinctual level seeking to survive. It isn’t about crying in the wilderness, it’s the show of strength in human involvement and evolvement. Finding the real voice, unlocking ourselves into how we should be and not how we think we should be…..

Here is the website to see the Solar Eclipse in your area.

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