Love Spell *Happy Valentines Day*


Love Spell by Tara Sutphen

2 Red Candles
 Choose a candle for you & the other candle is for your Beloved (Known or Not Known)
Wand (optional)

Repeat after me
 I Bequeath My Heart for Thy Love
Pour drops of wax into your Beloveds candle
Repeat after me
 I Call Forth My Beloved
Pour drops of wax from Beloveds candle to your candle
Repeat after me
 Ebodiment of True Love, Come to Me
 Epitome of Real Love, Come to Me
 Beloved, Beloved, Be the Ideal
 Connection of The Souls
Wave your hand clockwise over the candles (creating movement)
Repeat after me
 I Cast Intent, I Mark It, I Beseech It, I Ask It and So It Is……
Point your finger or wand -North

8 thoughts on “Love Spell *Happy Valentines Day*

    1. Stella,
      If you are casting good intentions for someone else, then you can. If you are wanting to coerce someone to love someone else, and think you have any real power or say in their individual journey, then it might not work and could even backfire. Does that answer your question…TS

  1. Is it ok to do it more than once for the same intent/person? Or should I do the manifestation one time and let it be?

  2. Is it possible to do the spell more than once for the same person I’m interested in or is doing the spell once all I need to do? Thanks Tara 🙂

    1. You can do the spell more than once, it helps set it into motion. If you are single, remember to leave the spell faceless and nameless, you want the greatest energy coming into your personal sphere. When you ask for the best, expect the best 🙂

      1. Thanks Tara! 🙂

        May I ask if the spell will work for someone that is a friend that I want her to fall in love with me? Or will that backfire on me?

      2. It may not necessarily backfire on you, but again if there is resistance in any way, you have to re-view that in your mind and know that you have asked for True and Real Love, Don’t settle.

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