Shaman Apex seminar

Shaman Apex
March 13.14.15, 2020
Sedona, Arizona

The gathering will be led by 4 guidance advisers. They represent the 4 corners – North, East, South & West. Much like the comfort of the teepee, we hope to create the same intimate setting. All 4 advisers are healers and practioners. We are creating the circle of brotherhood, bringing together a group to create a commonality and deeper understanding of greater opportunities. Helping each to rise to the potential of higher spiritual consciousness.

When we create intentions individually and within a group council we can begin to clear idiosyncrasies and issues while sharing, meditating, praying, goal focusing, bonding, brain-mind programming and refreshing our inner sanctuary.

Benefits for you would be looking and finding “your why”, processing and surpassing your mental limitations, creating positive challenges and releasing hardship and getting out of your stories, it’s time to aspire toward your dreams again…

Our venue is open for the gathering but sleeping and eating are off the premises. Sedona is full of delightful bnbs and places to stay. Since we consider all our meetings as mystery school, we do not offer our venue until Registration: 1-424-781-7103 (leave a message)

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