Teen Seminar with Tara & Kaitlin


Teen Seminar with Tara & Kaitlin


2 days:


April 11-12, 2015




July 11-12, 2015




October 17-18, 2015


limited to 10


Calabasas, California 


Get Psyched with Kaitlin & Get Psychic with Tara


Tara’s goal has been to build the self esteem and self confidence of our future generations since 2006, when she began the only Psychic Teen Class of its kind in the world. She has taught many Teens to trust the path of their lives. “We don’t always know where we are going, but we trust we have a beautiful life.” Each of us has psychic ability, an opening of intuition and gut reaction. What is that feeling about a person, place or thing? Is depression, futility, drugs or self destruction a denial of the inner voice? Tara’s aim is teaching her psychic students to be in touch with their deeper knowing, when to step forward in their lives and when to hold back…to wait for the right timing in all things: whether it is love, success, happiness, health, safety, wisdom or understanding. Her intent is to aid them to focus and hear not only others – but to hear themselves, and not only to see others – but to see themselves. Listening on a deeper level to their daily motivation, activating their lifeforce, awakening curiousity in school, learning empathy, being centered and whole prosperous people. Tara has been teaching teens for years to come into their higher potential through teaching them to be psychic. Kaitlin specializes in Teen Development and has many exercises to promote self-awareness and self-confidence. As Kaitlin teaches mindfulness and understanding their emotions, she helps them with healthy processing. Really looking inward to tuning up their potential. 8:00AM-5:30PM. Lunch included. Limited to 10 Teens. $750. usd


To Register: info@tarasutphen.com




Tara Sutphen Bio

Author, Psychic, & Hypnotherapist. Tara’s Books, CD’s, Mp3’s, Dvd’s, Radio show. Seminars – Private Sessions ‪http://www.MoonSorce.com  tarasutphencds.com 


Kaitlin Robinson Bio

Kaitlin Robinson – Guidance Counselor & Life Coach. Kaitlin is a graduate from Antioch University with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She is an advocate for conscious living. She encourages improvement of one’s lack of self-awareness and self-confidence. Many times in life we feel we don’t have the energy or motivation to move in a direction of helping ourselves. Kaitlin’s gentle guidance lets you express your feelings, helping you develop personal plans again. She will lead you to get better and better, no matter if you’ve been confused or exhausted. She aids her clients in identifying their strengths with workable solutions and opening again to their dreams and aspirations. Step by step, you go back toward a healthy mind and attitude. She is available for Consultations and Counseling, Re-patterning Sessions and teaches Personal Development Classes.

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