Transformation with Tara or Fb Live – Come Join Us 9am Pacific | noon Eastern

Awe, technical difficulties at the radio station. We’ve had past terrible storms occasionally knock out the broadcasting equipment. For 10 years my show “must go on” and today on 26* Taurus, the equipment malfunctions … imagine that, at that aspect! It’s such an intense builder aspect, so let’s be

at peace and build… ascend… climb high and achieve… Happy Full Moon 🌛🌕🌜— I’ll have to reschedule with MahanKirn 💜 another Friday. I know how all of you were looking forward to her and the show. She is such an incredible Healer, one of the very Best in the World. It’s been her Soul Agreement of this life’s contract and we will talk about it another day. Here is her retreat information.

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