2 thoughts on “New Years Spell

  1. I will follow your advise -I need to chant for peace with all my relationships . here in Plattsburgh. lots of debts to pay by giving all the kindness I can cause its the best solution to my situation.it what we all come back to everytime we really dig in to answer lifes mysteries of hatred and stigma prejuguices. I feel we all need to adk for balance and the earth just gave us a do over on new years day begin again and celebrate the earth a new time a new time beginning. like being reborn in spirit.. my moms birthday — mother earth too. my real moms birthday is the 1st of Jan. pray for the adk and family trees. my soulmate is looking for responsible answers and so am I.

    hope is never too late.

    hope tara can get back to me will ask a question and chant for om tara tutara ture soha

    this is my real moms birthday–everytime I get bad vibes she does too –so does mother earth.. we give her the best from now on.. the best. mr kevin….

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