Happy Labor Day 

Labor Day is an American Public Holiday celebrated every year on the first Monday of September. It is to honor the workers who continue to support the United States through strength, prosperity, laws and the well-being of the country. The contribution of societies toil. 

People who keep moving forward no matter what. There are setbacks personally and globally, nature strikes through catastrophic occurrences as well as the pretense of war vs peace. This is a holiday to understand the unity of brotherhood. It is our families, neighbors, communities, country and world that feeds and shelters us. 

When we work individually to achieve, we are creating for all mankind. The world is a better place. Hope is the backbone. Honor Thyself, Honor Others. Blessings on this Labor Day, it truly is a celebration. – Tara Sutphen #safetravelseveryone #mystictrainingwithtarainsedona #laborday #labordayweekend #holidayfun #celebration #brotherlylove #whatmakestheworldbetter

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