3 thoughts on “New Years Spell

  1. I will keep using the new spell- chant for harmony even though it is the 2nd day of our new start -the earth celebration new beginnings and happy times–new life please earth and moon and sun new begginings for all life in our home earth.. to end my old pattern of bad relationships. here is to my new soulmate somewhere in time! lots of light and love and kindness to get us trough the hardships- the value of sentient beings everywhere. send me lots of love and as neil young said it is going to take lots of it but I say only a woman can fix my soul. need of a responsible good circle of friends. thanks for the inspiration and it gives me and us incentive. Mr. Kevin C Riggs
    get back to me tara- you know of me through a letter I wrote and a book y
    ou wrote. trouble in paradise-the dark side.

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