Metaphysical: Meditation — This Weird Chick’s Blog

By: Paula Bianchi – I figured since I’m always talking about meditation, I should write an article about it. At first, I was going to be all technical and give you a blow by blow history of what meditation is, and how long people have been practicing it. Let me just say, it’s been around […]

Metaphysical: Meditation — This Weird Chick’s Blog

2 thoughts on “Metaphysical: Meditation — This Weird Chick’s Blog

  1. Hi Tara. I guess, by now, you can see your work has influenced me a lot, so I’m nominating you for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.” Thanks for enlightening us. I hope you’ll participate, but I’ll understand if you can’t. Visit my blog to see what you need to do. Looking forward to reading your answers to my questions. 🙂

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