Dick Sutphen 1937-2020

May Dick Sutphen Rest In Eternal Grace ✨ #tarasutphen #taraanddick #dicksutphen #fathertomychildren #soaringspirit #masteroflifemagazine #huntersutphen #williamsutphen #cheyennevanzutphen #flywiththeangels #loveandblessings #32yearsmarried #followoninstagram @missvanzutphen @artofwilliamsutphen @huntersutphen @tara_insight

2 thoughts on “Dick Sutphen 1937-2020

  1. Greetings Tara,
    I was so hopeful in connecting with Dick about the 50 primary universal laws. I, being born in September, feel a strange connection with Dick and his expressions written. My Condolences, but We know that “Energy” cannot dissipate, it only re-creates in another place, space, and time. This is that time and place in this space continuum. Far too many people are unaware of these 50 laws and now is that time of awareness. I am ready and capable. What are your thoughts. Btw, great post about this day’s awareness. Maybe this MOON is reflective of this reason way I have found you. I’ve stopped delaying and now I am bringing “KINGOLOGY”!
    Thank you for Being.
    One Love, King

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